Colorado native

Prince Lit, Colorado native and lyrically inclined, started rhyming at age 6. He found passion and nourishment of both written and spoken word by way of his mother’s poetry. That passion carries over into his struggle to victory and his music. That same passion also breeds witty similes and metaphors in his rhymes along with ear stimulating verses and adlibs. Musical paint splashes eardrums, so much so you’ll discover paint brushes sprouting from your ears as soon as you remove the headphones. Prince Lit’s musical influences are Kendrick Lamar and J Cole.

 Denver, Colorado 

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Triumph over tragedy, and success in spite of hardship; pillars of inspiration and the foundation of transformation. Through the experiences and stories of those who have overcome themselves, and the obstacles and challenges of their lives and the world, our sails become filled with the winds of their change; in the reflection of their metamorphosis, we see all we might be and become.

Prinjastin [PJ] Sykes, and the incredible story of his internal revolution and evolution, from struggling at-risk youth to motivational virtuoso and powerhouse poet is proof of the resiliency of the human spirit and power of the written and spoken word.

We could tell his tale, but it would be more appropriate to hear his story spoken, by him, in the engaging and mesmerizing style that is his craft and artform. We’ve had the chance to hear PJ perform and speak his truth, on many occasions, and were rendered speechless by the account of his journey and power of his poetry.

Never satisfied to settle for how far he has come, and all he has accomplished, PJ seeks to further his craft and solidify a career in the artform that elevated him from all that conspired against and suffocated him. His new goal -- to make his first CD and champion the return of hip-hop to its original roots of storytelling and spoken word.

Through this endeavor, Prinjastin seeks to motivate, inspire, and empower other at-risk and struggling youth with his tale of redemption and rebirth; to provide a lifeline to those struggling, and share with them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and hope in spite of whatever they may be going through.

He has the knowledge, passion, talent, experience, drive, and devotion; this is his chance to give back to his community, share his art, and enlighten the youth consciousness. He simply needs help to fund this project and undertaking. All Sacred celebrates PJ’s journey, and embraces his mission and aspirations. We implore you to learn more about who he is, what he does, and everything that is within his grasp if we, as a community, support his efforts.

This is more than a chance to help a single person, it’s an opportunity to impel a catalyst to initiate transformational change in the at risk community.

If you cannot or choose not to donate money, consider spreading the word about the person and project to those who may have the means. Additionally, PJ is always looking for opportunities to perform; if you have space or an event, do consider allowing him to wow and dazzle with his story and poetry -- you will not be sorry.