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When Prinjastin aged out of the foster care system at 18, two months later he found himself homeless out on the street. Even though things were hard he continued his passion of performing poetry with a nonprofit called art from ashes. A program, that works with struggling youth. Prinjastin then learned about the Bridging the Gap Program at Mile High United Way. A program that provides resources to any youth that was in foster care on or after their 16th birthday. He received a housing voucher through the Family Unification Program. Prinjastin was able to become stable and get on his feet. Prinjastin has always been able to maintain a job. Through his networking in 2013 Prinjastin started a paid internship as an administrative assistant at the Supreme Court building downtown for the Office of Child Representative. PJ then landed another paid internship for the Office of Homeless youth and Development where he worked with the Housing authority. Prinjastin is a truly inspiring hard working articulate young man who is destined to follow his dreams of being an inspiring artist and having the financial stability to support his family. Prinjastin transformed his poetry into music to deliver a new sound to the world. The studios where PJ has slathered his bars with saliva are KMG Studios, Decibel Garden Studios and actively records with D.J Kush in Denver, Colorado recording studios. Prince Lit performed his first concert at (City Hall, on February fifteenth 2015).